Blood and Honey

Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin is the well-awaited sequel to Serpent and Dove. In Blood and Honey, we follow Reid and Lou through the aftermath of Modraniht.

In this sequel, we watch as Reid deals with finding out he is a witch and his killing his father, while Lou deals with the trauma that is your mother trying to kill you. The friends (Beau, Coco, Lou, Reid, Ansel and Madame Labelle) are preparing for Morgane’s return. All of this while processing the things that occurred in the first book. This sequel has blood witches, werewolves, and a crazed king. It has blood debts, a mysterious gentleman named Claud Deveraux, and romance that makes your heart ache.

“The snake and her bird, the bird and his snake, they take and they take and they ache, ache, ache…”

However, if you did not love Serpent and Dove- you will not love this sequel.

I went into this book assuming it was the final in the series. I did not realize the third book had been announced. While I would not say this book was slow, as I am an absolute fiend for character growth, it was a filler book. It definitely filled in gaps and set up the groundwork for the third book. There are a lot of plans and subplots at play during this sequel but never is it difficult to keep up. You are 100% left with a cliffhanger and many more questions than answers at the end of this.

“Perhaps his fair maiden doesn’t need rescuing.”

“Perhaps she will rescue him.”

“Perhaps they rescue each other.”

As someone who generally questions insta-love, the breakdown and continual building back up of Lou and Reid’s relationship felt realistic. Of course, people from opposite worlds who have only known each other a few months would have communication issues, and Mahurin writes this well.  Their fights felt real, and their making up hurt in a way that I can’t explain. Reid’s journey to accepting who he truly is was refreshing. Lou is reminded constantly that she is not her mother feels tangible despite it being for very mythical reasons.  I don’t spoil books in my reviews, but the ending of this genuinely had me holding my breath waiting for the comedown…and then the book ended.

For how long this book is, it feels a little frustrating that the majority of the exciting plot happens at the very end, and then we are left on a cliffhanger. Despite that, I really enjoyed the experience of reading, and Lou and Reid really had my heart the whole time.

Thank you to Harper 360 for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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