Fugitive Telemetry

Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells is another fun novella in the Murderbot series.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From Goodreads:

No, I didn’t kill the dead human. If I had, I wouldn’t dump the body in the station mall.

When Murderbot discovers a dead body on Preservation Station, it knows it is going to have to assist station security to determine who the body is (was), how they were killed (that should be relatively straightforward, at least), and why (because apparently that matters to a lot of people—who knew?)

Yes, the unthinkable is about to happen: Murderbot must voluntarily speak to humans!


All quotes are from an advanced reader copy. They may or may not reflect the published edition.

“I don’t want me either, but I’m stuck with me.”

First, housekeeping: This is the sixth book in a series. You can listen to these audiobooks on scribd (and get two months free using that link). You can also listen to them on Libro.Fm (yes, that link is a referral link too). If I spoil any of the first five books, I am sorry. It’s not my intention, but, sometimes it’s hard not to do so after 6 books! Murderbot is back in this book, and just as sarcastic as ever. When reading the first books, I had them all as audiobooks. Reading this in a different format was just as enjoyable, which actually surprised me. I wasn’t sure how this would translate in print. It did not disappoint.

“(If she had looked at me like that I would have created a distraction and run out of the room.) (Okay, not really, but I would have at least stopped talking.)”

Wells does a fantastic job of keeping Murderbot’s internal monologue both interesting and amusing. While the SecUnit’s intention is to be to the point, it often comes across as hilarious. There is a murder mystery aspect of this story, that you try to solve along with the bot. The interactions with other bots, and how Murderbot feels detached from humans but also bots, was really interesting to read.

“Possibly I should just stop complaining like a human and get on with it.”

This was a fun novella and a fun continuation of the story. If you haven’t started the series just yet, I absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi, and snarky narrations.

“But as the old saying (which I just made up) goes, if you can ping the SecUnit, it’s way too late.”

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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