Girl With Three Eyes

Girl With Three Eyes by Priya Ardis is a fantasy novel that feels like Harry Potter meets The Black Witch Chronicles. 16 year old Kira has what she feels is a curse, and others feel is a secret gift- or also something that may make her a bit terrifying. A third eye. Literally, a third eye on her forehead not just some metaphor for seeing more than meets the eye. When this is discovered by Lord Lyon, he takes her away from her alcoholic father and her small village, to an elite school for the highborns- all to protect his son, Trace.

A Game Once Seen Cannot Be Unseen…

The world building in this book is incredibly solid, and you have a good understanding of how the kingdom works. There is Hindu culture woven in and out of both the school and the kingdom, from the houses they are placed into to the clothing that they wear. I thoroughly enjoyed the workings of the kingdom of Raj. The book is a good meld of that age between middle grade and YA, never going too uncomfortably into the romance tropes to take away from the story. Additionally, the conflicting relationship with a family member as an addict was well done, and the way we unintentionally enable them as well as the way they truly do want to do right by the people they love- it’s just hard.

Also, without spoiling anything, the plot twist during the peak of the book genuinely made the book for me. It was honestly shocking and I didn’t expect it whatsoever- and I’ve read a lot of YA and can predict most twists! The snowboarding (skyboarding) and the tech in a more or less 18th century feeling era was an interesting concept, however, I personally didn’t love it. That’s more of a preference, though. It was well written and important to the plot, I just don’t care for “sports” plot points.

Additionally, Trace, Lord Lyon’s son, was supposed to be the same age as Kira. However, he felt more like a bratty twelve-year-old rather than a popular 16 year old boy. While I understand people being raised differently, and some privileged people seeming “brattier” than others, Trace just genuinely felt so much younger than all the other characters in the book.

Sarita and her mom, as well as the Queen, were my favorite characters in the book- as well as being incredibly well rounded side characters. I feel like that isn’t found often, and I really appreciated it.

Overall, Girl With Three Eyes was incredibly enjoyable, and I cannot wait for the next one to come out. I gotta know what happens with the Oracles!