Graphic Novel Round Up

This week I’ll be sharing two graphic novels I was given to review. These graphic novels were a lot of fun, and I’m really thankful to the publisher and Netgalley for a copy of them to read.

Dungeon Club: Roll Call

Author: Molly Knox Ostertag

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Characters: 10 | Atmosphere: 9 | Writing: 8 | Plot: 9 | Intrigue: 9 | Logic: 10 | Enjoyment: 10
Total: 9.29

This was such a fun middle-grade read about friendship and growing up. As someone who didn’t get into Dungeons and Dragons until adulthood and was bullied as a kid, all I could have wanted for child me was a club like this! The story was very well written and perfect for its audience. The themes were consistent and the artwork was, as always from Molly, beautiful. This was a fantastic read that even covered my favorite thing to yell about: healthy communication. I recommend it to any middle schooler who loves fantasy and comics but may have a hard time making friends sometimes. I immediately sent this to my sister-in-law to share with my niece and nephew who would love this as well.

The Moth Keeper

Author: Kay O’Neill

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Characters: 8 | Atmosphere: 9 | Writing: 7 | Plot: 8 | Intrigue: 8 | Logic: 6 | Enjoyment: 8
Total: 7.71

While not as emotionally pulling as the Tea Dragon Society, The Moth Keeper was a sweet little graphic novel. I enjoyed the layers of backstory telling, while still leaving some things to wonder at. I suppose my biggest “issue” here is that there felt like a lot of filler pages, and I would have enjoyed more interactions between characters, or more understanding of the moths or the different villages. Regardless of that, it’s a fun, quick read and I definitely would recommend it for my niece and nephews to read.

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