The House That Fell From The Sky

The House That Fell From the Sky by Patrick Delaney is a horror that feels like the Shining meets your worst nightmares.

The House That Fell From the Sky follows Scarlett as she becomes trapped in what can only be described as a haunted house.

“The mind hangs by a thin thread, these unknown things, forever lost, upside down.”

While this book took a while to get to the plot, once it did, I couldn’t put it down.

The writing creates a constant, on the edge of your seat anxiety, and a palatable sense of dread. The story of the house’s history was intriguing and well planned out.

Hannah grimaced, clearing her throat. “Afraid?”

“They should be.” She took another step forward, close enough to touch the girl. “Of what?”

“The house, silly.” She laughed, coughing up a demonic giggle from her drowned throat. “It’s alive, and it likes to play.”

Big fat nope to that, scariest line I’ve read in a while.

Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to give this an honest review.

I do have some grievances with the House That Fell From The Sky, and that’s why I have rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars. The characters are all supposed to be in their late 30’s. However- they all felt younger than myself and my friend group- all of whom are 25 and younger. Some of the phrasings used also felt very 16-year-old, and that took me out of the story. Additionally, Scarlett is so very “I’m average but not beautiful even though everyone would disagree with this- also I’m not at all like other girls, I am funny.It got annoying really quickly. I don’t know any almost 30 year old woman who thinks wearing converse instead of heels is a personality trait, which brings me back to: Scarlett cannot possibly be 29 based on how she is written.

I wish we had had more time in the house and more time after the fact, rather than the relatively drawn out build up to the entrance into the house. While some of it I can see as important to the storyline within the house, a lot of it was redundant subplot and it took me a while to get interested into the story due to that.

I would have liked to know more about Vincent, the magician, and less about Tommy and Jackson.

All in all, the horror in this book is what really sold it for me, and it delivered well. I’m glad I read this one in the daylight!

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