Crowned a Traitor

Crowned a Traitor by Kate Callaghan is the first book in the Hellish Fairytales. In Crowned a Traitor we follow Klara as she attempts to escape her destiny.

Klara is Lucifer’s rightful heir to hell, who has been raised by his three Queens. Abadan, Lilith and Eve have all been in charge of training Klara to take over the throne. However, that doesn’t mean any of them have been doing their jobs. When an escape attempt goes wrong, Klara is forced back to hell. Lucifer tells her she is to take over the throne sooner rather than later.

It turns out she has a couple of half-siblings who may be trying for the throne and her head as well.

I found the story and world in this book really compelling. It was incredibly interesting, and I wanted to know more with every page turn. I think in an attempt to both world build and create excitement for the first book in a series- we lost some character development. It was sometimes difficult to tell who was saying what, and Klara’s internal dialogue was often…said aloud. Had this book been either a little longer or, the sequel well promised already, I think we would have gotten more justice.

I really enjoyed the way that Callaghan wrote of these classic characters in such a new way. Lilith is Lucifer’s main demon commander- and a lesbian. Abadan is the mother of all demons. Eve is the only one who was in love with Lucifer, and the mother of all Creatures. They each have different skill sets and are supposed to be passing them down to Klara to better rule hell. All of this was really well fleshed out and interesting.

The ending felt a little tidied up too much for my taste. It was then unraveled to make space for a sequel, and I feel a little confused about what the sequel would be. I would love to see more of Lottie and Klara and am intrigued if anything to see where this journey will go.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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