CUS Y3: Prompts

  1. a book with romance plot or subplot
  2. a book you could read in one night (a short book)
  3. a book with red or pink on the cover
  4. a book with a quest for lost person/item
  5. top secret prompts
  6. a feel good book
  7. a book with the ‘secret world’ trope (ex: think, finding out your family are all secretly witches, or that the fae actually exist and you come from a long line of fae hunters)
  8. a book with a journey
  9. a book with a group cast
  10. Side Quest Books: Gideon The Ninth, Gearbreakers, or A Memory Called Empire
  11. a book with an epic battle
  12. free book space
  13. your longest or physically largest book
  14. a sequel that you have low hopes for but still own
  15. a book with a trope you hate
  16. a green book cover or a book with plants as a theme
  17. top secret prompts
  18. free book space
  19. a book that keeps getting forgotten on your TBRs
  20. a book featuring tech or robots
  21. a book set on another planet
  22. a book that was expensive/looks expensive
  23. continue a series
  24. a book with found family
  25. a book with a dark cover
  26. a book with a supposed twist
  27. a fast-paced or short book
  28. free book space
  29. a book from one of the other boss battles
  30. top secret prompts