CUS Y3: Week 7

Book Four: Sci-Fi

It looks like in this book you’re on some kind of spaceship. All of you? Somehow? How do they keep fitting all of you into these small plots and places? It’s honestly almost impressive. Anyhow, this must be some kind of Sci-Fi book. I hope you all don’t get abducted by aliens or…whatever it is that happens in these books. I don’t know, technology is more Ariadne’s wheelhouse than mine…

Chapter One: Cryosleep

Read a book that keeps getting forgotten on your TBRs

Good morning, sleepy heads! I’m sure my narrating voice is exactly what you want to hear when waking from Cryosleep. You’re welcome. You have woken to find yourselves on a ship and you have no idea where you are. Good luck with that.

Chapter Two: Strawberry Bot Co-Pilot

Read a book featuring tech or robots

Strawberry Bot has made an appearance in this novel and has opted to help you with flying the ship, since, I think without his help you would all die. Again. Except for this time in a book which…I think has different results. Regardless, I believe you need to fly the ship somewhere and land it.

Chapter Three: Crash landing!

Read a book set on another planet or in another world

Well…that’s not quite the landing I meant. You’ve landed on some strange planet, filled with advertisements and flashing lights. Much like the American healthcare system, there’s an ad for everything from medicine to lawsuits! Get your bearings here, I think you’ll need to leave the ship.