CUS Y3: Week 6

Chapter Four: Beanstalks

Read a book with a green cover or with plants as a theme

Interestingly, the house is free to roam. Our demon friend has decided to stay with you, and we are trying to find the library. Unfortunately for us, the house is covered in more beanstalks which…is concerning. Is this a giant apartment complex? Is this Giant a landlord? Peasants, you’d better get out of here quickly, I’m not so sure you’ll make it out of this book.

Chapter Five: Battling the Giant

Surprise to no one, the demon has betrayed all of you. The minute you turned down his advances, he shouted for the Giant to come to get you. And…he really is a Giant. The demon also told the Giant all of your weaknesses, and I did not under any circumstances tell him that information myself because I thought it would be amusing. Certainly not me…hope you survive.

  • Toxic Genre Trait: read a book from that genre and suffer
  • Mystery Reader: let someone else pick a book from your shelves to read
  • Readathon Harlot: read a book you have dnf’d before, or, one you have low expectations of
  • Overambitious TBR: Read a book that you missed on a previous TBR
  • Narrator Simp: Read a book that will hurt your feelings

Chapter Six: Escape

Free book space

Once again, peasants, you’ve almost impressed me. Not quite, but almost. You survived the Giant’s attack by…well, you ran away, but that’s okay. That’s how most Giant stories go, isn’t it? Take a time to breathe before we move onto our next genre…I have a feeling I’ll need to charge a certain robot for this one.