CUS Y3: Week 2

Chapter Four: Kidnapped

read a book with a lost person or item

What’s a romance novel without some miscommunication and unnecessary drama, am I right? Your soulmate has been kidnapped, and it is up to you to save them. I hope they don’t have high expectations, seeing as I’m the one who always saves you, idiots.

Chapter Five: Soul Mate Rescue – a boss battle

The time we’ve all been waiting for (me, mostly me). You all risk your lives for true love, and hopefully, you don’t make it, and I can move on with my life. I’m kidding…of course, I’m kidding…what was that Ariadne? NO, you can’t give them the boss battle prompts, that’s my favorite. What do you mean strawberry bot is trying to steal my wallet? Watch the peasants for me while I deal with him.

  • Jack of All Genres: read a book from a different genre than your last read
  • Genre Soulmate: read a 5-star prediction from your fave genre
  • CUS Veteran: free space!
  •  Audience Immortal: read a book from a different age bracket than your last read
  • (Actually) Diverse Reader: read a book by a marginalized author

Chapter Six: Happily Ever After

Read a feel-good book, or, free book space.

SB was not trying to steal my wallet, but I hope you all didn’t die. Oh, you didn’t? Congratulations. Huzzah. You got your HEA. When do I get mine, the one where I never have to do this again? Soon, I hope. With that, the romance book has ended…and now…well. Onto the next genre…

I wonder who we’ll meet. Maybe some mutants.