CUS Y3: Week 3

Book Two: Superqueeros

It looks like we’ve fallen into an AU of the Cute Mutants series by author SJ Whitby…sentient objects sound a lot like Strawberry Bot, to me. Well, peasants, I know you all think yourselves heroes, so it’s time to show your talents…if you have any. I’m doubtful, but, we’ll see.

Chapter One: discover your powers

read a book with a “secret world” trope (ex: finding out your family are all secretly witches, or that the fae actually exist)

Good morning, peasant. You all woke up this morning with new powers after a party. I don’t know who would willingly invite all of you to a party, but here we are. Emma from Cute Mutants is here to help you discover your powers, and maybe even power them up.

Chapter Two: training montage

read a book with a journey

Dylan says that your powers may start out weak, but if you keep working on them you’ll be a badass. With that advice in mind, all of you start training to take on…an enemy? Maybe the wizard? Maybe your TBRs? What do those book stacks look like lately?

Chapter Three: Finding Your Team

read a book with a book cast

Alyse knows that finding your team is really important because friendships will carry you further than anything else. This sounds incredibly cheesy and disgusting to me. Are you all going to hug in the end and the power of friendship will make you all live? I guess you all can start getting to know one another and have fun…or something.