CUS Y3: Week 1

Book One: Romance

Well peasants,

Here we are once again, the third November in a row, where we attempt to get SOME work done. Did you at least try not to buy too many books this year? I don’t know how you all manage it considering last year you were dead and this year you were literally stuck inside books. I bet you didn’t even read the books you were stuck inside and decided to buy more instead, somehow. It honestly amazes me at your ability to be uselss. According to Ariadne and Strawberry Bot, you all are currently stuck inside what I would consider the worst genre known to man kind: romance.

As we found out in the mini readathon, you have to get through the book plot in order to leave the book. That does mean finishing a book, peasants. I know you’re quite bad at that. We can’t DNF these though, or else…well you’ll be dead for real this time. The stakes are high. For you. Not for me. I still don’t care about any of you. I read the back of this book and I believe this is your standard romance novel. I will do my best to narrate it with minimal sarcasm. Just kidding. Here we go. 

Chapter One: Meet Cute

a book with a romance plot or subplot

You and your fellow peasants are all at a coffee shop (how do you all fit?), after a long day of work. You’re worn down and tired, and just ready for your chai tea latte (the tea bit seems redundant here?). As you reach for your tea tea latte, someone reaches for the same cup! Your hands brush, and you feel yourself fluster embarrassed. The person looks at you, a smile on their face, and apologizes. After stumbling around for words, the person asks for your number. And so starts your very own romance novel.

Chapter Two: Date Night

a book you could read in one night / a short book

The night has come for you and your meet cute cutie to go on your very first date. What will you wear? Where will you go? Why do we care? Will your mother approve? Probably, she’d like you to move out of her basement at some point. Don’t get too ahead of yourselves though, this is one singular date and it will be a short one. You have a curfew. I just decided that you have one so don’t argue.

Chapter Three: Spicy Night

a book with a red or pink cover

After a series of dates, your special someone has decided to take you home with them, for a spicy night. Obviously, this means eating very spicy foods and playing board games together, and nothing more. Probably. Hopefully. For my sake. I will not narrate further on this matter.

(at least turn the lights off, a fade to black, I’m begging you.)