CUS Y3: Week 8

Chapter Four: Capitalistic Hellscape

Read a book that was expensive/looks expensive

With the help of Strawberry Bot, you’ve started wandering this Capitalistic hellscape. I hope you brought money because everything comes at a price. Unless you’d like to trade your most expensive (or expensive-looking) book? Of course not, who am I kidding, we all know you have a book-collecting problem.

Chapter Five: Ship repairs

Continue a series

It looks like Strawberry Bot is willing to help you pay for a part you need to repair the ship. Now, you just have to find it. The creatures here are not so friendly looking, and not many want to deal with someone unwilling to sell their souls, books, and robot. I can understand their hesitation, I don’t want to deal with you either. You find a child playing with a cog, and it looks to be the piece you need to fix your ship. After some haggling, they trade the cog for Strawberry Bot’s sunglasses…he is very sad about this. You should apologize.

Chapter Six: Flight formation!

Read a book with found family.

After what seems like an eternity, you’ve managed to fix the ship! You and Strawberry Bot start to celebrate when you notice some angry-looking aliens coming to argue with you about that trade you made. You better get in the ship fast and fly off into the next genre – who knows what’s waiting for you there.