CUS Y3: Week 4

Chapter Four: Side quest, bonding time

read one of the mutants’ favorite books

We asked the leaders Dylan and Dani what their favorite books are for a side quest, and here are their answers:

Dylan: “Gideon the Ninth, because it makes me want to bone. (Yes, Dani, they SAID I could make puns. Fuck’s sake, fine). I love this book because it’s weird and creepy and also somehow hilarious? Also, Gearbreakers because I want to fight giant robots. What? It’d be so much fun!”

Dani: “Is it a cliche if I say a collection of Sappho’s poetry? (shh, Dylan, it’s not ours exclusively). Or Arkady Martine’s A Memory Called Empire because it has complex political drama, amazing worldbuilding, and the swooniest romance. I’m still half in love with Three Seagrass.”

Alternatively, you could not take this side quest, and take this as free space. Or you could read Cute Mutants. I don’t really care. Just get out of these books, please.

(Thank you to SJ Whitby for letting us borrow their characters and providing CUS with this dialogue. It means the world.)

Chapter Five: ARCH NEMESIS!

read a book with an epic battle

Incredible, your arch nemesis has arrived but it wasn’t even worth a boss battle? I hope you all survive this and win with your superqueero team. Do you all have some kind of lame catchphrase? I bet you do. Or a secret handshake. Whatever just get us out of this book. I do enjoy Dani here, and Dylan’s attitude is admirable, but I’m ready to go.

Chapter Six: Victory Parade

free book space

Congratulations, peasants. Another book was completed. Probably more than your TBR already. Lets carry on to our next book, and this genre is one I know quite well…