CUS Y3: Week 5

Book Three: Fantasy

It appears you’ve found yourselves in a world quite similar to our well-known Shelfla. I believe this is the fantasy genre, and it’s the one we know best considering the way our first year went. You may have to rescue the town or escape something feral. Hopefully, this fictional book doesn’t end up like your very real experiences in Shelfla before…

Chapter One: Giant’s Books are Falling

read your longest or physically largest book

Interesting, there is some strange beanstalk and from there, books are falling from the sky. This seems quite similar to one particularly useless library witch’s mistake…I digress. It looks like all of you need to figure out what’s up that beanstalk, and you know you’ll need to be lighter to do so. Get rid of those heavy books, you know they’re weighing you down mentally.

Chapter Two: Useless Main Characters

read a sequel that you have low hopes for, but still own

This chapter is dedicated to all of you peasants, as the most useless of main characters. As you travel up the beanstalk, many of you have whined about wanting to nap, or wanting to be left to die. Unfortunately for both of us, Ariadne will not allow me to do that. It does appear help may be coming, though.

Chapter Three: Age Gap Demon Love Interests

Read a book with a trope you hate

I spoke too soon. The alleged help that has arrived is just a demon who is too old to be trying to date any of you. However, he seems to know this area well, and can at least take us to the Giant’s home. We can at least use them for that. Old demons are not worth dating, people! Don’t waste your time! No matter what they look like without a shirt on!