CUS Y3: Week 9, Part One

Book Five
Oh peasants, this will truly be a treat. For me. To watch you all run for your lives repeatedly, probably. What do I mean? Well peasants, you’ve seemed to have found yourselves in a horror novel. I do think this is the last one, though, so lets hope you all make it out.

Chapter One: Spooky Vibes
Read a book with a dark cover
Welcome to your house of horrors. It looks like you’ve inherited a home with a bit of a sketchy past, much like me. Everyone who inherits this house seems to die, and no one knows why. I don’t know how anyone writing a will can leave ALL of you a house, but this one has spooky vibes, and I suppose that means anything is possible.

Read a book with a supposed twist
Well, now we know why the people who inherit this place dies- a serial killer. It seems like he’s been living in the walls this whole time, watching you all exist, waiting for the perfect moment to strike…luckily for us, you managed to dodge! But he’s not done with you yet.

Chapter Three: RUN RUN RUN
Read a fast paced or short book
You better get running if you want to avoid dying again. This serial killer seems like he means business, and I’m not sure that this is worth the risk. Maybe you can trip one of your fellow peasants? And leave them for dead? Maybe get yourself ahead? No? Okay.

It does seem you out ran the serial killer, congrats.